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Single Cup Brew Bar!

Participate in Perfection with a Single Cup Preparation: Plunge, Pour or Percolate!

One of our biggest draws is the number of one cup brewing methods we offer in preparing a single serving of fresh brewed coffee at our interactive Single Cup Brew Bar. Learn the difference in the methods offered, as well as the characteristics observed in the cup. Each method adheres to the time, temperature & turbulence required for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. This allows us to present you with some outstanding limited edition coffees from around the world that are prepared specifically to your brewing preferences.

Wired Puppy offers the following single serve brewing methods for brewing one cup of our certified organic specialty coffees:

Pour Over (Hario V-60)

Key elements: Grind, water temperature, and the perfect pour speed & pattern to ‘bloom’ the grounds.

Siphon (Yama and Hario)

This is by far one of the coolest-looking ways to brew coffee. The coffee brews as a 'total immersion' (meaning the coffee grinds soak in the entire cup of boiling water), which uniquely brings out the flavour of the bean, ensuring that your cup is nice and clean with no trace of grit.


This device hand-presses an espresso-like brew that is typically served as a European-style Americano.


This brew method originated in the 1950's and is similar to the Pour Over, using a much thicker filter allowing for prolonged saturation with the grinds which allows even more richness into the cup.

French Press

Unlike most other techniques, the French Press doesn't use a filter; instead, the plunger uses a screen. For this reason, coffee brewed in a French Press retains some of the oils that are otherwise filtered out, adding a new dimension to the flavour.

Intrigued by the selection of single cup brewers? Stop by and try a few out to taste the difference. Our baristas are always more than happy to make some recommendations if need!